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Our platform to launch new and innovative products direct-to-consumer is unmatched and backed by tens of millions of units sold since 2009. Our team works with a range of product owners from startups to some of the biggest companies and brands in the country. We have what it takes to build the next multi-million unit selling product…let's make it yours! 

Digital Media

Everybody these days can easily access social media campaigns on their own but few truly understand what it takes to properly scale and fund a profitable rollout campaign.  There are no shortcuts.  That’s where our team can jump in and create tremendous value with our proven infrastructure to help fully maximize your campaign from initial testing to retail rollout.

  • Create compelling video presentations that connect to your target audience and deliver top line results.

  • Test campaigns primarily target Facebook/Instagram, but we utilize Youtube, Adwords, Display, Amazon Advertising and others in rollout.

  • Experienced media buying and planning delivers top line ROI.

  • Maximize conversion rates through traffic, ad messaging and product value.

  • Audience targeting to understand how a consumer connects with your brand.

Up N' Go Cushion

As Seen On TV Campaigns

  • Traditional short form direct response commercials.

  • More than 50 years combined experience turning products into household brands.

  • Turn key commercial production from script writing to on-air commercials.

  • Proven vendor relationships with top inbound telemarketing, fulfillment and dedicated landing page providers.

  • Experienced media planning and purchasing with the most established media buyers in our industry.


Retail Rollouts

  • Currently brick & mortar sales account for 85% of all retail sales.

  • Direct response campaigns build demand and awareness which supports retail sell through.

  • Our established partnerships provide access to all major mass retail stores, specialty and online stores including Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target & more!



  • Sports licensing including NFL, MLB, NCAA and more.

  • Co-branding instantly builds credibility and substantially increases velocity of product sell through while expanding shelf life.

  • Experts in manufacturing, packaging design and brand compliance.

  • License, promotional and premium opportunities available.​​

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